Physics C Electricity & Magnetism

Physics C E&M Course Info:
     Physics C Electricity and Magnetism is a calculus-based course designed to expose the student to all the foundational topics needed to understand such phenomena as electric force, electric field, electric potential, electric circuits, magnetic effects, electromagnetic induction, and electric energy. The program of study is equivalent to a second semester college physics course for engineering students.
     This course will prepare the student for the AP* Physics C E/M test administered by the College Board every May. It is highly recommended that this course be taken AFTER the Physics C Mechanics, as many of the concepts used in this course are introduced in the that course. If a student takes Physics C E/M without a background in mechanics, the topics discussed may not be fully understood. 
The backbone of the course is a problem-solving approach that emphasizes methodology over memorization. Students must have prerequisite knowledge in mathematics up to and including the level of calculus. Hands-On and virtual laboratory activities will prepare the student for lab-based questions on the AP test. 

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Units of Study:
1. Electrostatics and Gauss's Law
2. Electric Potential
3. Capacitance
4. Electrodynamics
5. Magnetism
6. Inductance

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